Sunday, February 5, 2012

Weekend Rundown

+Saturday brunch with Maggie, Olivia, and baby Finn
-Before I left I ate an egg and miracle whip sandwich
-And took 6 photos of my outfit from various angles

Here is one of them:

+Followed up brunch with a leisurely shopping trip
-To Target
+Bought some new beauty products
-But left the $5 wine glasses on the shelf because they were a bit more than I wanted to pay
-Stopped by Maggie's apartment afterwards where I ate fistfuls of peanut M&Ms
-And forgot to check to see if there was toilet paper on the roll before sitting down

+Cooked “Superfood Stir Fry” for Saturday dinner (sweet potatoes, spinach, chickpeas, and brown rice)
-Drowned it in low-sodium soy-sauce
+Enjoyed a few squares of chocolate and a little glass of wine for an after-dinner snack
-(Yeah, by “little” I mean one of the dollar glasses from the Whole Foods wine tasting)

+Started my Sunday with a chapter of “The New Jim Crow”
+Followed by a church sermon on “Loving Kindness”
-During which I kept thinking, “Am I at the Unitarian church or did I walk onto the set of Portlandia?”
-Cringed when we had to hold hands with the strangers in our pew
-Rushed out to make sure I got to Bruegger’s in time to get a jalapeno cheddar bagel
-Because I was too late last week and had to choke down a plain one

+Took Zola Budd for a relaxing stroll in the park
-Where I had to keep an eye out for the shifty dudes who hide out in the picnic shelter
-Purposefully walked by the neighborhood hoarder’s house
-To see if he added any good new stuff

+Wrapping up the weekend with a little Norah Jones
-And a Coors Light

Look, I’m not even going to bother to tally this up. Things may have turned out better had we not skipped the law school prom in favor of three episodes of “United States of Tara.”

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