Monday, September 20, 2010

Operation Class It up: Day 2

Classy Points:
+ Looking forward to a relaxing week at work
+ Enjoyed my leftover shrimp, grape tomatoes, and arugula for lunch
+ Donnie got home late from work because he was meeting a friend for tennis (point by association!)
+ Walked Zola to Annwood Grotto and back
+ On my way home, I chatted with my neighbor across the street

Broad Points:
- Replace “chatted” with “talked smack about the other neighbors” and you would have a more accurate representation of that conversation
- Did I mention my neighbor was drinking Budweiser from a 40?
- Did I mention I kind of wanted a sip?
- Also, I ate hummus out of the container using my finger

Final Score: 5-4 = 1 It’s a classy day!


  1. I don't get how "looking forward to a relaxing week" is classy??