Thursday, September 23, 2010

Operation Class It Up: Day 4

Classy Points
+ Had tea instead of diet coke as my afternoon pick me up.
+ After work I attended the MPA Fall Reception before heading to my budgeting class.

Broad Points:
- My afternoon tea was so hot I spit it out all over the table. It would have been one thing if I had been alone in my office. Alas, I was in a meeting.
- On my way out of the MPA reception, I hit up the dessert table one last time. Nothing beats a purse full of brownies.
- Got in an argument with my professor over whether Cincinnati City Council should be elected at large or by district. Most of my points started with, “Uhhh, but, urhm.” He might have had the advantage because he wasn’t gorging himself on brownies.

Final Score: 2-3 = -1 (whoops)

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