Tuesday, October 5, 2010

In Response To Your Question

So Maggie asked in the comments section of my last post: "How many points do I get for putting my pajamas on at 3:30?!?!" I figured she probably needed for me to break it down for her.

A few things to consider:

First: Why did you elect to change into your pajamas at 3:30?
If it was because you were sick and wanted to “take care of yourself” add one classy point.
If it was because you planned on soaking your feet in lavender and painting your nails, add two classy points.
If it was to watch Sister Wives and read People magazine, subtract one broad point.
If it was because you are generally LAY-ZAY, subtract two broad points.

Next: What kind of pajamas were they?
If the tops matched the bottom, add a classy point.
If they were silk, add another classy point.
If your pajamas were actually boxer shorts and a Clemson t-shirt, subtract one broad point.
If the pajamas in any way resemble a sack of any kind (potato, flour), subtract one broad point.
If you purchased your pajamas from a store where you can choose to push a shopping cart (see Big Mama, Fashion Friday), subtract one broad point.
If an animal has chewed through any part of the pajamas or pajama footwear, subtract two points (does this only happen at my house!?)

And finally: Were they clean?
If you had to pick them up from the floor before putting them on, subtract one broad point.
For every night you had previously worn the pajamas, subtract one broad point.
If you have worn the pajamas for more than 5 consecutive nights, you are just nastay.

I hope this answers your question. Please tally your points and leave them in the comments section of this post.


  1. Susan Schechter5/10/10 7:45 PM

    Ha ha ha! You got her with the Clemson t-shirt for sure.

  2. Ok, here goess . . .

    2 points for going to work @6am!!
    1 point for matching pajamas
    1 point for being clean
    -2 points each piece came from a store that has shopping carts
    -1 point one store sells groceries
    -1 point I am still wearing them each night


  3. I think you should change your picture....perhaps wearing a suit and bonging a beer or something along those lines! -Your cousin