Sunday, October 24, 2010

Step It Up

+ Made a homemade pizza Friday night
+ PR’ed in the Bridges Freedom Run
+ Watched a French film with subtitles
+ And only fell asleep once
+ Had coffee with Maggie Sunday morning in Hyde Park

- Maggie brought her own pumpkin bread to the coffee shop and we ate it out of a Ziploc bag
- Called somebody a cheater during the Bridges Freedom Run
- Sort of loved the fact that the cops had to tase a “perp on the loose” just a few blocks from where we live
- Ate Saturday night dinner at a strip mall in Norwood
- Drank Diet Coke straight from the 2-liter while waiting for our take out order
- Bought candy cigarettes
- Smoked one at the Double Dragon II
- Smoked another one at the Coffee Emporium
- Asked Donnie if he wouldn’t mind if I “just sat in the car” while he grocery shopped
- To which he replied that I needed to “step it up”
- Which, incidentally, is the same advice that Gary gave to Amber on this week’s episode of Teen Mom

Total Score: 5 – 11 = -6 (Well! That’s unacceptable!)


  1. Maggie brought pumpkin bread when we went for coffee that not classy ?

  2. So glad Classy Broad is back in business. Hoping for a classier score next tinme.

  3. I guess it's classy that she made pumpkin bread but broad that she brings it with her when going to eat!!!

  4. You forgot to mention that you wore sweatpants IN PUBLIC. OUT TO DINNER.

  5. I just started reading this! So funny! In my opinion, watching team mom is a point for the broads though! :)