Sunday, October 3, 2010

Operation Class It Up: Weekend Edition

Classy Points
+ Purchased a dress and shrug from White House Black Market for Megan and Scott’s Wedding
+ Opted to get my much-needed haircut from Avalon instead of Great Clips—gave the stylist a nice tip even though the cut was a little lop-sided (at least there were no trashbags involved)
+ Went to Coffee Emporium (2x) to study
+ Had a lovely after-wine tasting dinner Friday night at Habits with Donnie and Maggie
+ Bought a new pair of wedge sandals

Broad Points
- Bought sandals in October
- From Goodwill
- And wore them home from the store.
- The first place I looked for a dress for the wedding was at a new store at Rookwood that had a sign out front advertising “Dresses: $7.99! Skirts: $5.99! Shirts: $3.99!” I’m not sure what this place was called, but it appeared that all of the clothes were built from dental floss and sandwich bags
- Made “Wacky Mac” for dinner Saturday
- Bought a 44 oz Diet Coke from BP when I got gas and proceeded to carry it around with me for the rest of the day
- Got a six pack from Walgreens—the girl a the checkout line was too young to ring me up out so I had to pay at Cosmetics

5-7 = -2 (arrggghhh)


  1. christine pease3/10/10 5:00 PM

    I love reading this, it is so entertaining!

  2. How many points do I get for putting on my pajamas at 3:30?!?!

  3. Susan Schechter5/10/10 6:40 PM

    I don't think you should beat yourself up for buying the sandals in October! But I am blaming you for my watching 2 episodes of Sister Wives last night. I had never even heard of this show!