Sunday, October 10, 2010

Operation Class It Up: Road Trip Edition

+ Refrained from wearing “soft pants” in the car
+ Spent some time practicing calculating the coefficient of dispersion for my budgeting midterm
+ Kept my shoes on and my feet off the dashboard
+ My luggage is pretty

- My luggage is pretty (much covered in cat hair)
- My dashboard has a big crack in it and my car sounds like a bag of bolts
- Had no choice but to listen to crap country on the radio because my cd player is busted
- Remembered every word to John Michael Montgomery’s Grundy County Auction song
- Had a ten minute conversation about pogs and slammers
- Ate two bites of Donnie’s McChicken Ranch wrap (worst vegetarian ever!!!)

Total Points: 4-6 = -2

But it could have been worse: there were no fountain beverages, Cracker Barrel stops, or offensive gestures.

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