Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Week of Classy Broad: Day 6

Classy Points:
+ Girls night with Maggie and Jennie.
+ Homemade lentil soup and peppermint ice cream.

Broad Points:
- Hung out at an apartment where the occupants were using their open oven for heat.
- We all had on sweatpants (my friends are broads too).
- Brought my own ceasar salad in a bag.
- And my own bottle of Bass.
- Although I'm not sure if it's pronounced like the fish or the big cello.
- Left with a can of pea soup in my purse.

Hey, they offered it to me.


  1. Okay, the inappropriate comment that is now deleted was not me. It was some derelict who signed onto my account. And she is now dead to me.

  2. Her name rhymes with "Pennie Feckler."

  3. know what "broad" move you did to deserve that! Oh, and you forgot to mention that you asked Maggie to see her crotch hole yesterday :)

  4. In reference to her pajama pants you sicko!!! :-)