Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Week of Classy Broad: Day 3

So this post is mainly about eating and shopping.

Classy Points:
+ Started the day with breakfast in bed.
+ Bought Donnie lunch and a new casual jacket.
+ Over a lunch, I made several impressive points on the role of women in True Grit.
+ For dinner, I made homemade split pea soup from The Conscious Cook.
+ Our shopping list today included clementines, avocados, organic soymilk, silken tofu, French bread, and shaved almonds.

Broad Points:
- Our shopping list also included a six-pack of Hudy Delight and four kinds of processed cheese.
- Read US Weekly in the checkout line while Donnie unloaded the cart.
- Was sorely disappointed when the Ohio Lottery scratch-off machine was out of order.
- Can’t wait to watch the 2-hour finale of Sarah Palin’s Alaska (shut up!)
- My outfit consisted of jeans with holes in them and a pair of $15 fake Uggs circa 2002.
- Was almost the proud owner of a new pair of red flannel pajama pants.
- In a men’s size medium.

Somehow I came to my senses.


  1. The True Grit commentary sounds impressive. Not so sure about the Uggs and Men's Medium red flannel pants. Is this really all about your passion for my flannel pj's? jdurf

  2. It is! I have wanted a pair of red ones since I saw yours...